Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey Everybody, this is Me, Ellee. If you'll meet me here on February 14, 2009—yes that's Valentine's Day, the day for
L-O-V-E, I have a special Valentine for you. Actually, it's the Valentine of Your Dreams—the one you've been waiting for.


  • Hi Ellee....

    I am,and yet am not,looking forward to tomorrow.I could use some kind of happy stuff right now,ANYTHING,to take my mind off all that is going on,however brief.
    Yet,I cannot bear to see the end of your story.I love the characters,and what is going on with them.
    Your Ander Ellee has bought much happiness to me,when there was NOTHING and NO ONE else to do so.
    They got me through(and still do) some really,really hard and unbearable days,especially now.
    Thank you for these,my friend,for brightening my days with your characters,I will miss this so much!

    By Anonymous anne, at 11:43 AM  

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